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It will take our online .DBX fix tool mere seconds to open your *.dbf file and extract the data that can still be recovered.

The service runs a deep analysis of the internal structure of the damaged file, working online and using a set of special algorithms. It detects and validates data that can be repaired and extracted safely. The service automatically detects the version and format of the *.dbf files you upload. With this tool, you are minutes away from your first how to recovery of dbf file data – this is how fast and efficient the program’s data analysis and recovery core is.

Our FoxPro DBF recovery software recovers databases of the following types:

  • dBase version IV
  • Clipper
  • Visual FoxPro
  • FoxPro 2.0, 2.5, 2.6
  • And a number of other programs using this format.

Wondering how to fix DBF files of Microsoft Visual FoxPro online? Simply upload a corrupted DBF file to our service and get your data back seconds later. It’s easier than you think – your can do it even if you have absolutely no hands-on experience with similar software and have no idea how to repair DBF file data after a serious system crash.

How can you recover a DBF file of previous FoxPro versions? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 – upload the files and get your data recovered in a few moments by our Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF repair tool.

How to repair damaged DBF file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Microsoft Visual FoxPro *.dbf file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here: https://onlinefilerepair.com/repair
  2. Attach corrupted Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF database
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press "Upload file for recovery" button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Microsoft Visual FoxPro DBF database






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Service ratings


When you work in Visual FoxPro 7.0, you receive applications that are replaced by a queue missing or invalid. With this online-service I quickly and easily fixed the problem and restored the file

Ирина Весонова

This service helped to return access to the .dbf file. Which was created in Visual FoxPro 9 on my computer, and did not open on it for reasons I do not understand. Thank you very much!

Alan, Madrid

After updating iOS on iPhone 6S, I could not open the extension file .DBF. After using this service, you could open the file. Wonderful thanks!

aureliatavano Serenissima Repubblica

During two minutes I got data base that works without errors.


After I tried to cure my DBF file with an anti-virus tool, it got even more corrupted. Whenever I tried to open the file, I received a message saying that the file was in an unknown format. Thank you for the service and excellent work of the support team.


Online service helped me quickly restore dbf, which had a good effect on my work.

Alisha Armstrong - Liberty Island

I have been used some online services before. But this one resolved my trouble with .dbf very fastly and effectively. Now I'm sure it is the best one for crashed database.

Jack Foster

With FoxPro rarely happened poblems. But here I also had to experience the excitement, for the file corrupted by the fault of colleagues. I installed and activated the recovery program through this service. And the result made me rejoice.


I could not open the DBF file that was downloaded from the Internet. I used the online service and everything turned out. The file was opened.

emelyholden, NY (Brooklyn)

I'm not a very specialist in recovery of data. But our guys from tech support said, that my .dbf was fully restored. Thanks for existing such online-service.

Gualberto Matos, PT Gafanha da Nazaré

The service helped me. Do not restore all the data in the DBF file, but it was the best result compared to other programs! The service does not need to be downloaded, which makes it even easier to use. Thank you

Mateo Middleton, Italia

I liked working with this instrument. My DBF database was recovered in two minutes. This result is good. Now I'm not afraid to work with Visual FoxPro databases.

tarabrown, IL, USA

A problem with .dbf was solved quickly. I got rid off my error message. But the recovery took 10 minutes, it was so long...


my table in the database FoxPro damaged and stopped opening. With the help of this service I was able to repair it. Thank you, the only thing that confused the price of the service, a little expensive

nelsonchris771 , NY

Hello , I have had this problem : when opening *.DBF file the message "is not a database file"appears. I do not know what was the reason, but with the help of this service I eliminated the problem in a short time


I worked for a long time in Visual FOXPro, but I never encountered file corruption on my computer. I had problems with a hard disk, but this online service saved me. Thank developers

Dinis Monteiro. PT

I want to highlight the advantages of the service: effective, simple and pleasant, that the service is adapted to the Portuguese language. Disadvantages: Some dbf files have not been recovered.

R. Колос

I'm using Visual FoxPro 9.0. already a very long time and not when I did not face mistakes, until a certain day, when all the same this moment came, I was rescued by an online service. Thank you very much, my dbf file has been completely restored.

Hebert. Mexico city

My .DBF file has been damaged. This file was necessary for the job, and the damage to the file was almost a disaster. I decided to search Google, "How to recover a damaged DBF file" with the weak hope that there is some program designed specifically for this purpose. I found this service online. The service was so simple that after the first use I was able to restore the file. Thank you very much!


after failing to shut down my computer, my fox pro file stopped opening . using this service I was able to quickly fix the problem, very user-friendly interface and anyone can understand it

otilia cioccio, Venezia

My database in FoxPro has restored without problems. The archive was very large and the other programs can not do it.

Lucienne Beauregard, Sydney

I managed to save my data from FoxPro d-base with the help of the online-service. This online tool works, though not as fast as it would have been required, but it helped me out. . . I do not know what they wrote it, but I was satisfied

Настя Мусс

I received an error when opening the dbf file. I was very long in the search for a backup, but I did not find it. And this service helped me to return all the data in a few minutes! Thank you so much.

Juanneto Freitas, Rio de Janeiro

I needed to repair the corrupted DBF file. The online file repair service handled a task perfectly. Many thanks to the developers.

Jorge Espina.El Salvador, San Miguel

I have repaired all the data in a damaged DBF file. This service is very easy to use. Thank you!

Vered Shalit

I was impressed this service, my file was too huge. Only some steps and it was easily restored. Thanks to developers.


Thanks for the help! There are shortcomings of course, but in general, not a bad idea.


Thanks for this recovery service. All data from the .dbf file has been recovered.


Money was a pity, but service returned my data. If the data is important and it is very necessary to recover, take this service.


The DBF format file was sent to me by email. But I could not open with the help of the Clipper program. After using this online service, the file opened without problems.


I do not like the design of this service, but it works well and without the inconveniences


I like this philosophy, if you don't like the result of recovery the file, you don't pay)

klaus klaus

thanks for the great quality service and fast data recovery . my job is saved )


Good service I have restored the data of my file.


The service met all my expectations.


Thanks to the service, I again have access to my file.

Dexon Office

All the best


The service helped to repair the old FoxPro file with size more than 2GB. Thank you!