This online PDF fixer will help you recover a damaged PDF file of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader. Upload your corrupted *.pdf file here:

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Being the best Adobe PDF repair tool online, our service will analyze the contents of the file, the internal data structures of the damaged *.pdf file in an online mode using a number of special algorithms. After that, it will allow you to preview the recovered document online.

How to repair a damaged *.pdf file of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader online

Our service allows you to recover *.pdf files of all versions of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader and offers one big HOW to Adobe PDF repair online. Apart from this, the service supports compressed and uncompressed file types and recovers both types of .pdf files. Using advanced recovery algorithms, it identifies various objects in a damaged document. If any relations between objects in a damaged file are missing, the program attempts to restore them.

If an object's relations cannot be identified or recovered, the object will be saved on a separate page at the end of the document (usually the case with embedded graphics). No recognized data from the document will be lost and most of them will be recovered.

If you don't know how to repair PDF file damaged after a system crash, use our service to recover the following:

  • Content of the damaged PDF file: text, images, links and other embedded document objects;
  • Fonts and other metadata used for document presentation;
  • PDF file parameters: file version information, page size and other parameters;
  • Structure of the PDF file: tables of internal links forming the document.

How to repair damaged PDF file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Adobe Acrobat Reader *.pdf file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here:
  2. Attach corrupted Adobe PDF document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press "Upload file for recovery" button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Adobe PDF document
Notes: the service cannot recover password-protected files. The service does not recover blocks of data inside a file protected with a password or any other method.






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Service ratings


Quero agradecer a todos aqueles que se desenvolvem e estão envolvidos neste serviço online. Consegui restaurar um documento PDF muito antigo. Com este falhou outros programas, exceto para o serviço online. Os outros programas não lidaram com essa tarefa, exceto pelo serviço online.


I never backed up my documents. Normal turning off the light resulted in damage to the PDF document. Service completely restored the document. Thank you!

Ирина Весельчак

I created a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat when I wanted to add new information to it, saw that all my data added earlier disappeared. This service coped 100% and returned all the lost data. Thank you!


With the help of the recovery service, I was able to quickly open a PDF file that can not open any other utility. Took note of the use. Thank you!

ernestalessa, San Marino

The service helped me without problems. Now pdf document is open easy and I can continue my work.

jasminewhite - Mount Hope, KS

I hope next time my laptop wouldn't turn off during work with pdf document. Thanks, for this service to developers, they fixed my file.

Mia Ellis - Fort Lauderdale

I thought the problem was in my laptop. But when I applied this service my pdf started opening again.

R.Y.Vieira, Belo Horizonte

With the help of this online service, I have restored my PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat. Many thanks to the developers.

brunalanese San Marino

Only two minutes and my pdf document has been recovered. What a fast! I liked to use it.

Fox B

The corrupted PDF reader document was repaired. But images was duplicated at the end of file.

illelv80700849 - Quito

Now I know what to do when there is a problem with the PDF document. Almost free, and the PDF file has been restored. In Ecuador, we do not have such services.

ScarlettMarshall Australia Queensland

The service helped me a lot with the restoration of one of the rare series comics. The network managed to find only the broken pdf file. But this service coped without criticism. Thanks to the developers.


I used a variety of services to restore. The only disadvantage is the incomplete recovery of the document, it turns out to restore only a small part. Namely this service makes it possible to return the document completely, try, use !!!

Adame Vallejo Venceslao, Santiago

My pdf document was repaired in a few minutes. All the data and graphics were in order. The price suited me :)

BradyKent (NC, Asheville)

My file was easily recovered by some minutes. I hope this service may handle with huge PDF documents.

Анастасия Тесла

I recovered my pdf file after Acrobat Reader DC crashed with this service, despite the file size of 900 Mb it took a couple of minutes. Thank you.

Poppy Moore, CO, Trumbull

I solved mine problem with pdf document. It is great that service works under MacOS. The file now is 100% valid.

David Cummings (davidcummings) , МА

I received a letter with the application in PDF format. When I tried to open the PDF file, it shows error message that says: "format error: wrong PDF Format or file is corrupted", with the help of this service I managed to fix the problem, thank you very much )

Ира Попова

Last week my pdf file produced an error that is not pdf, I already thought that everything was missing my file until I found this service. With it, I was able to restore the 500Mb file. Thank you.

Ruy de Freitas,Portugal

The online service quickly helped restore a corrupted pdf file. Now, Adobe Acrobat DC 2016 opens the file without errors. Thanks to the developers of this service!

Robert Bailey (robertbailey12) WI

I had to remove the Trojan from my laptop . After a few hours and scan for malware, I got rid of this problem, and everything seemed fine.... then I realized I was wrong. I understand that "some" of my files on the hard drive cannot be opened and the file is corrupted and give errors. using this service I was able to recover corrupted pdf files . Thanks. )

Herón Luevano

I worked with my pdf for two hours. Fortunately this service helped me to return my entire data. But, the recovery took quite a long time.

Nathalie Landry

There was a problem with the PDF file, it was quite heavy, but the link to online service saved my situation. In general, the shortcomings of standard programs can be corrected by this service.

Андрей Палкин

Very easily recovered the pdf file from the laptop, although very much doubted it from the beginning.

Thiago Leguizamo,Brasil,Rio de Janeiro

I was unable to open the pdf extension document in Adobe Acrobat DC (15.0). This document was sent by e-mail. After using this service online, the document has become readable. Thank you very much.

Salviano Bustamante

Hello everybody! Many thanks for this service, because the pdf document was damaged for several days without the possibility of saving.


I tried opening the pdf file with the help of Adobe Acrobat DC. but the annoying error occurred: "Failed to open the PDF". I found this service and was very pleased with the result. The document has been recovered. Thank you very much.


Friends do not know about this tool, it is excellent for all damaged adobe acrobat reader files without a doubt


I do not know, but it satisfied me, because my Adobe PDF document recovered within two minutes with all the information!


For me it is good service, I have not seen such an effective and fast instrument!


I didn't see such effective instrument like this, but it might be more beautiful for eyes


Your PDF recovery service is amazing!

Angelo Covey

thank you )


From the second time everything was repaired. The document began to open, and almost everything was restored.

Артем Коган

I saw the program better :), but this done with its task


Hello , occasionally use your recovery very well mahaut , and reasonable price

Alex Tikki

wonderful program , I advise everyone recovers very well !!


good program , the price matches the quality )

Alex Bush

7 from 8 files was recovered fully - thanks! From last file was recovered only first 70% of document.


Our files was unreadable after changing of page orientation for part of document. Now document readable after recovery by this service.


I have uploaded 400Mb file during 15 minutes. And it repaired in 5 minutes. Why so fast?


Only 90% of the document was repaired: some of the pictures are on separate pages.