If you don’t know how to repair Corel Draw file online, upload the unreadable *.cdr file with your CorelDRAW project here:

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Our CorelDraw recovery software will scan the contents of your CorelDRAW *.cdr file over several minutes and will return the data it managed to repair.

The service automatically analyzes the internal structure of the damaged file online using a combination of special algorithms. This Corel Draw file repair online service takes account of the peculiarities of storing data in different versions of CorelDRAW. All recoverable data and identified and checked. If some relations between objects inside a file are damaged beyond repair, they are recovered anyway. Your CorelDRAW file will be repaired by our service to the maximum possible degree. Using the service is extremely easy and won’t be a problem even if you have never used such tools and don’t know how to recover corrupted Corel Draw file data.

The service repairs *.CDR files of all versions of CorelDRAW.

Want to know how to recover Corel Draw corrupt file online? Just upload a *.CDR file to our service and get your data back in a few minutes. This CorelDraw file recovery software leaves all of its competitors behind in terms of the efficiency of data repair, ease of use or overall reliability.

How to repair damaged CDR file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted CorelDraw *.cdr file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here: https://onlinefilerepair.com/repair
  2. Attach corrupted CorelDraw CDR document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press "Upload file for recovery" button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired CorelDraw CDR document






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Service ratings

charles , NH

I was working with 159 + MB Corel Draw file after the power came out suddenly. I couldn't open the file again when the power came back. I know that the file may be corrupted. And I also don't have a backup copy of the file. I already thought it was lost, but when I used this service, everything turned out to be restored

CataleyaSherman - USA.DC

Hi! I worked with graphics and my creative workings in Corel. But my file was damaged when copying. It's good that there is your online service. I'm glad that there are such utilities.

charles patterson (charlespatterson800 ) , UT

it was such a bad situation that at one point ceased to open the .cdr CorelDraw file , gave error , a lot of reading on the forums how to resolve this issue , I'm not very good with computers , and taking advantage of this service it worked .

Astrid Grandjean, AUS, Wien

My CorelDraw X7 drawings were already lost but this online service saved my works I hope further in it there will be improvings of design and the interface


the price matches the quality