Giuliana Victorero Castro

I died when my file gets damaged !!!

Miriam Gil Garcia

I broke the .AI file from Illustrator. I restored it using this webpage. I made a payment. And they sent me an archive with two files. I did not understand what to do with the archive and communicated with technical support later. The AI file from the archive was poorly restored (the colors were lost). PDF recovered well.


Hei Thank you for the assistance of checking my file. In February I lost all of my data due to an unknown error on my Mac mini hard drive. About 24 years of my work and all computer programs etc., all erased. My external LaCie hard drive with the Time Machine backup was also mysteriously damaged although I had never had an accident with it or mishandled it in any way whatsoever. I've sent it to a company who does data recovery, but they have failed to recover my data. Now I am in the process of recovering lost files from the internal hard drive. As I lost all programs as well as all of my files, and as I have to wait to install much new software until I have been able to recover more files, I was not able to use Adobe Illustrator to open the file which you have now verified for me. I used Affinity Designer to open recovered Illustrator files, most of which would open properly, but this one would only show as a white page with no content. I'm guessing that it can be because I had perhaps not chosen the proper PDF compatibility settings when saving the file — or it is too large to open in another program than Adobe Illustrator. Thanks to you I can now assume that I will be able to open this file as soon as I am finished with file recoveries (which can take months) so that I will be able to install Adobe Illustrator and other software. Sincerely, Ravel

Juan camilo Sierra Ospina

The PC suddenly shut down when I open the file, it says the file is corrupt


Tried to restore a file standard tools of Office - did not help. USB Flash drive was inserted into the computer and suddenly turned off the electricity.