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The service knows how to repair Access database files of Microsoft Access 2003 and above

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Access 2019

Access 2016

Access 2016

Access 2013

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Access 2010

Access 2007

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Access 2003

Our service will analyze the contents of the *.mdb or *.accdb file in seconds and will extract recoverable data. The system guarantees the speedy recovery of access database file data of any size and with any degree of corruption.

This online service analyzes the structure of data in a corrupted Microsoft Access file using a number of special algorithms. These algorithms help identify and validate data that can be repaired. No data that were found and identified as recoverable will be lost from the database.

Our MS Access repair service can recover the following types of data from Access databases:

Structure of tables, including indexes and fields

Database tables

Requests, except for those used in forms and reports

Relations used for displaying linked tables

This online Microsoft Access MDB repair service does not recover the following objects:

  • Forms
  • Macros
  • Modules
  • Reports
  • Password-protected data

Need to recover a damaged Microsoft Access MDB file online? Don’t know how to repair MDB file corrupt data? Just upload the file and get the recovery results rights away.

How to repair damaged MDB, ACCDB file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Microsoft Access *.mdb, *.accdb file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here: ""
  2. Attach corrupted Microsoft Access MDB, ACCDB database
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Microsoft Access MDB, ACCDB database

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings

Raylee Wade AUS

  • 18-07-2018

I had a few days to ask me a difficult problem. With the database created in Microsoft Access. I use Microsoft Office 2013. After several changes, I saved the intermediate result. But when I tried to open the file again. An error has appeared in the interface of the program. Data not found. I checked my laptop for viruses (they were not) and checked the hard drive for errors. After that, the error changed to the following: "Microsoft stopped the process, because you and the other user are simultaneously trying to change the same data." I realized that it's so easy to cope with this. I turned to Yahoo for help. And I got this online file repair service. I paid for this service. And my mdb has been restored. I was able to manage tables and databases. I am very grateful to this online service. An excellent paid exit in such difficult situations. Thank you.

Кулик Алла

  • 28-05-2018

I'm using Microsoft Access 2013. When I try to open one of the mdb file, a corruption error has occurred. Thanks to this service, the error was fixed and I again got access to the file.

Лисова Виктория

  • 26-05-2018

Thank you very much! With the help of this online service, it was possible to restore the database file access. Everything did not take much time, only 10 minutes.

Виктория Сладкова

  • 30-03-2018

With the help of this service, I restored my mdb file online, which weighed about 500MB. In general, everyone was satisfied, the file quickly recovered. But there is not a big minus - this is the cost of the service, it could have been cheaper.

Анна Жукова

  • 04-03-2018

I'm using Microsoft Access 2016, I got an error when opening the mdb file. I tried this service and as a result I got a fully restored 1 GB file. The only negative is a long process of recovery.

Ирина Тихонова

  • 07-02-2018

It was possible to restore the entire database. Microsoft Access 2007 is installed.


  • 04-02-2018

It was possible to return records of tables with all structures and fields in the Access database. I only had to load the corrupted .mdb file to do this.


  • 21-12-2017

In general, it costs its money.


  • 06-12-2017

Convenient service. Everything turned out to be easier than I thought. I fulfilled my task perfectly.


  • 05-12-2017

Access to the database was received, but not much was not clear at first, as everything is arranged here.

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