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Reсovery Steps

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Our service will analyze the contents of an .xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx or *.xlam file in seconds and will identify recoverable data.

Microsoft Excel repair online

The Microsoft Excel repair online service analyzes the internal data structure of a damaged file online leveraging the power of several MS Excel XLSX repair algorithms. It identifies and checks recoverable data. If some relations between objects in a damaged file are missing, the services does everything possible to restore them. If object relations cannot be identified or restored, the object will be saved on a separate sheet at the end of the document. No document data will be lost and the program will restore the maximum of your data.

The corrupt Excel file repair online service recovers Excel files of all versions: from Microsoft Excel 98 through Microsoft Excel 2019

Excel 2019

Excel 2019

Excel 2016

Excel 2016

Excel 2013

Excel 2013

Excel 2010

Excel 2010

Excel 2007

Excel 2007

Excel 98-2003

Excel 98-2003

Features of Excel recovery online service

Our corrupted Excel recovery online service will help you extract the following data from a damaged Excel file:

Cell data

Table styles

Cell formatting


Sheets, pages

Cell width and height

Formulas in cells, including functions and external/internal references

Cell formatting, including border color

This damaged XLS repair online service does not recover the following settings and objects:

  • Print settings
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data validation
  • Data protection in a workbook, worksheet, list of region
  • Asian phonetic blocks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Calculation settings
  • Sorting settings
  • Embedded objects, graphics, diagrams, notes and such
  • Merged cells
  • Comments
  • VBA macros
  • Password-protected files

Online repair Excel file service

How to repair Excel file online: Just upload your XLSX file to test the corrupted Excel file recovery online service and get the result in a few seconds. The Online repair Excel file service is perfectly adapted for fast and reliable corrupt Excel file repair online.

Is it possible to restore an XLS file of a previous version of MS Excel 98-2003? Yes, these files can also be recovered with our online Excel file repair service. This Microsoft Excel repair files tool has no limitations as to the size of the damaged file or its version.


  • The service does not recover password-protected files
  • The service does not recover blocks of data inside a file protected with a password any other tool

How to repair damaged XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Microsoft Excel *.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, *.xlam file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here:
  2. Attach corrupted Microsoft Excel XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Microsoft Excel XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM document

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings


  • 23-11-2020

Скачало "это" мой повреждённый файл Excel. Показало объём востановленного файла больше 1 Мб и что данные успешно восстановлены."Уродский" предпросмотр ничего не показал, наверное специально так сделали. Заплатил, деньги с карточки снялись. Скачал восстановленный файл уже размером 777 Кб и НИЧЕГО!!! Exel лучше восстановил файл. У меня нет слов, ЗАНАВЕС!!!


  • 10-11-2020

Very good service, very efficient, I just recovered a very important excel file, and it's perfect. Thank you


  • 30-10-2020

Thanks! You can repair my big grossbuh. MicroSoft Excel 365 cannot do it. It simple hung up and died.


  • 25-10-2020

THANK YOU !! frankly for 5 euros it was worth the wait 8 hours for an EXCEL file of more than 6MB that you have fully recovered. to my colleagues we are very grateful you saved a few months of work !!


  • 21-10-2020


Francesco Saverio Verginelli

  • 12-10-2020

The service is really great. We used the Online File Repair service to recover a company file of which a copy had not yet been saved and the regenerated file was absolutely perfect down to the last line. Really great at a super affordable cost.


  • 22-09-2020

Impressive ! I was desesperate about losing my data on a corrupted excel file. It tooks only few minutes to onlinefilerepair to repair my file. Thank you


  • 31-08-2020



  • 31-08-2020

excellent program


  • 19-08-2020


Armani Jonah

  • 10-08-2020

The site repairs the .xlsx file, but not all cells can be fixed with own style. Was able to restore the diagrams, which was important to me


  • 29-07-2020

Nice to have this application online


  • 27-07-2020

The .xlsm file does not open as expected because the file format is not correct. Excel does not automatically detect file encoding, and show me variants, that are also invalid. If you don't want to waste time, you will have to pay $5 - my file was instantly fixed.


  • 17-07-2020

Thanks you very much


  • 15-07-2020

Repairing a file without installing the program, damn it is brilliant !! I spent only 10 minutes to fix a damage Excel file! The cells with the calculations did not recover, but in my document next to me something was written for the cell: "Amount, VAT, TOTAL"


  • 12-07-2020

Excellent !!!

Matheo Dahua

  • 06-07-2020

Nice job


  • 26-06-2020

Excel cant open .xls file that has been damaged by a virus. The service PARTIALLY coped with the problem, 2 sheets of 3 in the workbook were restored, the first sheet was not restored.


  • 25-06-2020

Great Job!


  • 16-06-2020

The process is very fast


  • 26-05-2020

Excellent service. Fast and reliable.


  • 01-05-2020

Unfortunately the software only restored fragments for me.


  • 18-04-2020

Excellent, I was able to recover a job that, if lost, would have taken hours to rebuild the information


  • 21-03-2020

Fabulous software, life saver . Recovered everything . Thank you


  • 16-03-2020

Nice good


  • 01-03-2020

very good and quick repair of an Excel file

antoine morel

  • 08-02-2020

They have so far only recovered the first 28 lines of the file ...


  • 20-11-2019

EXCELLENT .............. It saved my life


  • 20-09-2019

I had a file that broke. He was returned to me very quickly. I highly recommend OFRS thank you and good luck


  • 08-08-2019

It seems this Online File Repair service is useful enough.

Paula Grácio

  • 05-07-2019

I lost 4 months of excel file information that I use daily

Tiago Andrade

  • 26-06-2019

I found the tool after the spreadsheet was damaged. The tool works, in the visual part of the tool you can already determine if your spreadsheet data is available for recovery. Just follow the software procedures.


  • 17-06-2019

I have found the Online File Repair service really wonderful! I had a close delivery date for an urgent work, and in the final run a heavy Excel spreadsheet became corrupted! It was quite complex, with graphics and formulas (it was a project management tool), and so I was really frustrated. But with this service I had my file back in less than 10 minutes: amazing! I strongly suggest to use it. Francesco S., PMP/PMI

opcenter bs as

  • 03-06-2019

Excellent program, 100% recommended


  • 30-05-2019

thank you


  • 28-05-2019

This is a nice service. The software seems amazing.


  • 20-05-2019

I saved myself this program


  • 12-05-2019

I would have lost months of work if it weren't for this program. Very good service.


  • 05-05-2019

I could not open an Excel file with very important data. This site helped me to do this thanks to a very good service.


  • 25-04-2019

I had a problem with my XLSX extension, and when I searched Google, I found this site in a practical and objective way that extracted my file in minutes. Highly recommend to everyone!


  • 12-04-2019

Fast and easy handling.


  • 09-04-2019

good service


  • 28-09-2018

excellent to possible!!!!!!!!!

Noel Carey LA

  • 17-07-2018

I'll tell you my case. I bought Microsoft Office 2013 a couple of years ago. I actively used it. It was necessary for work and not only. Problems started to appear while working in Excel. There are errors, the program will long download and save files. I completely checked the computer for hidden viruses and completely updated the software. I thought that now everything is in order, when I found a lot of empty xlsx, with which I worked recently. Many files with spaces. The standard recovery tool for some reason could not do anything. I was forced to look for a solution in google. I managed to find about five options. But most of me did not like the price. In others, the method of recovery itself. As a result, I stayed on the online file repair service. Service paid, but also cheaper to find it was not possible. In addition, it's very easy to use it. I recovered about 4 files for my Excel. This greatly pleased me. If I can find a way to add feedback. I will not do it.

aliciabach GE Berlin

  • 30-06-2018

I usually do not write reviews. But here's a special case. I had a huge .xlsx file on my computer from Sony. Because of the work, I had to use this file on my Sony Xperia gadget via Microsoft Office for Android. But my file was opened by an error. It wrote about an unknown format. It wrote about the data error. The file was huge and important for me. I started searching for a program that will restore my file to PlayMarket. But there were either fake or expensive paid counterparts. In one of the forums where I am going to work, I was advised to use this online service. At first I was skeptical about this. As to everything before. But this online service surprised me - he downloaded my 50mb XLSX file for a long time, scanned for a long time. But I was very pleased. My file was restored. Now I opened it without problems. Service, though paid but his task, he decided. I would like, of course, greater speed of his work.


  • 22-05-2018

I tried to open it on another version of Excel. But I got the same negative result. And now I have only one question: Why I didn't know about this effective IT thing?

Sam Bullock.Willesden

  • 15-05-2018

The online service restores Excel files of different formats and extensions. The service recovered my documents for a long time, but the result was remarkable. 100% of the data was recovered with perfect accuracy.

wawebed Estados Unidos

  • 13-05-2018

Now I can continue to work with my Excel data. Other tools did not help me. Thanks to this service!

bibianaservi, Milano

  • 09-05-2018

When I opened a document a few hours ago I saw an error message. But now excel document works perfect.


  • 06-05-2018

The .XLAM document did not want to open cause of the error message: Excel Data Analysis Macro Error. The service helped me save the file from corruption. Thank you.

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