How to recover a corrupted *.ai file of Adobe Illustrator

This powerful online service will help you recover a damaged Adobe Illustrator AI file. Upload your unreadable *.ai file here and follow on-screen instructions to complete the Adobe Illustrator recovery of damaged files:


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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

Reсovery Steps

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File recovery on a cloud service

Preview and payment

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Illustrator CC

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Illustrator CS5

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Illustrator CS4

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Illustrator CS3

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Illustrator CS2

Our service will analyze the contents of your file, the internal data structure of the *.ai file in an online mode using a combination of intelligent algorithms. It will then provide you with a preview of recoverable project data. The service features a very clean an intuitive interface, which makes corrupt Illustrator file recovery a snap even for novices.

Our *.ai file repair software recovers *.ai files created in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. It uses advanced proprietary algorithms to recognize various types of objects in damaged document files. In case some relations between objects are missing and cannot be identified, the objects will be saved regardless of that. We guarantee that no identified and recoverable data will be lost. If you don’t know how to repair Illustrator file damaged after a hard drive failure or virus attack, choose this service for fast, guaranteed results.

With this tool at hand, Adobe Illustrator repair of damaged file data becomes a breeze and a matter of minutes instead of days.How to repair ai file data online? Just go to our service, upload it and get your recovered data a few seconds later in the form of a new *.ai file. How to repair damaged AI file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Adobe Illustrator *.ai file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here:
  2. Attach corrupted Adobe AI document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Adobe AI document

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings


  • 29-03-2021

very good it saved my life from a job that was damaged

Lauren Leon

  • 25-03-2021

Oh yes, manually converting files from eps to ai, after automatic correction! - Cool, always dreamed. Eh would have put 5 stars if not this step!


  • 05-03-2021

Good work!


  • 24-02-2021

very good

Denzel Short

  • 11-02-2021

Working. It is possible to repair an Illustrator I managed.


  • 19-01-2021

Fixed illustraor document errors after hard drive crash. 2021 and I'm still sitting on the HDD with broken sectors.


  • 18-12-2020

+ Ease of use and competitive price.
- The fact that the price changes if you do not fall within the limit.
Recovered Adobe Illustrator CS3 file for $ 7. (file type: .ai)

Emily Watson

  • 01-08-2020

Damn, the virus damaged all the .ai files, even got to the folder where the files with autosave are located. I have already fixed 2 files here, at first I thought that the cost would be $10- $20 for the damaged file, but I was surprised when I saw a check for $5. Guys, write the prices for your services in the site menu, otherwise at first I thought it was a fake site :)


  • 02-07-2020

Today I received the message “I can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete description of the object or its inaccuracy ”and the file was closed. I have Illustrator CS3 that never showed errors. After fixing the error, my file was split, some figures were in .ai format, others in .pdf


  • 20-06-2020

My colleague and I recently had this problem when we create a file, save it, open it the next day and get an error message "The file cannot be read." After I received an email with a link to the restored file, I downloaded it. But the file was not completely restored, some unsaved drawing changes were missing


  • 04-06-2020

Adobe Illustrator crashed when the project was in its final stages. Illustrator stopped opening the .AI file with my work. Even when I tried to open the last file from the save history (cache), it opened an empty document. I was able to restore my working project using the online service, but still some parts of my work were not restored.


  • 26-05-2020

This a great service! I used it already 3 times. Sometimes I would work hours on a design and forget to make a copy file. Thank god that there’s this service.. It saved me a lot of time and heartbreak.


  • 15-04-2020

The service is very convenient, easy to view the contents of the damaged Illustrator file. Upload corrupted .ai file and download the restored file immediately after online recovery. Helped a lot.


  • 04-03-2020

After fixing the damaged .ai file in the preview window, I saw that my layers were merged. If I'll pay for online recovery, can I expect the file to be restored without losing any layers to retrieve more data from the file.


  • 19-02-2020

Now I will not download any programs to my computer after trying to install the plug-in, Adobe Illustrator crashed and lost my illustrator documents. This service helped me restore a previously saved illustrator file, but I can’t see some layers and masks, maybe I didn’t save them before installing the plug-in, or the service can repairing only 80% .AI files


  • 20-09-2019

Thank you for your service, you have been of great help!


  • 24-07-2019

For me this was a waste of money and time. The process was just fine and timely but the results were off. The screenshot of the file after going through repair showed elements that were not in the final. ai file. These were the elements I needed so needless to say it didn't work for me. It might be that the nature of the issue within the file that caused this but just be aware that you may not get a 100% complete file after repair. Its a cheap service so I understand. Just don't have the highest expectations.


  • 31-05-2019

Excellent service. AI file was "damaged" and could not be repaired by Illustrator when opening. This service has restored the file perfectly intact file. All fonts, effects, etc. were preserved. For under 10 euros !!! Clean work - Thank you


  • 01-04-2019

I was having problems with my damaged AI file. file then I took a risk at having it fixed here. It's fast, reliable and took me by surprised by its quick delivery. Thank you so much!


  • 21-07-2018

I'm working on web graphics in Adobe Illustrator. And recently I encountered problems. They are associated with a large file ai. Something went wrong when the last time the file was saved. This is evidenced by the fact that this file does not load and does not register errors. And I was puzzled by this file. This was important for my work. I made a mistake in finding a solution to my problem. I paid for the recovery program (I will not call this utility), which did not help me. I was discouraged. I ended up here via Google. I paid for the restoration of this file. And this time my file ai was repaired. This file repair service on the Internet really helped me. I am thankful. I will recommend this to all colleagues. Therefore, my answer is positive.


  • 29-05-2018

I ran into a problem while editing a large file with graphics. Online repair service helped cope with the difficulties. Everything works perfectly - I quickly figured out the service and restored my file. I took up this weapons.


  • 24-05-2018

Thank you for extracting the data from the Adobe Illustrator file. I tried many programs, but only their work was not effective.

louisepearce (QC, Montreal)

  • 18-05-2018

Now I could edit my pictures again via phone. But next time I'll be smarter with handling with our data.

Victòria Campaner SPA Barcelona

  • 15-05-2018

I have my own small office. We are engaged in graphic things. The big work was in Adobe Illustrator CC. A day ago we came across a difficult problem. The .ai file in which I was making my correction was broken. As explained by a technical expert - the virus was to blame. As a result, the virus was deleted. All that was possible was cured. But with my .ai file everything was bad. The programs that we restored our bases did not cope with this. And not only specifically with him. I started looking for a solution. I found this online service in Google. I must say that other variants have been found. But by way of exception I reached the service. And he helped. I recovered the file of the current work and also it helped when restoring the database of our company. In general, I would like the online service was free. The only disappointment is that you need to pay. But he helped me very much. And very quickly!

xewelag California

  • 14-05-2018

I found the solution that helped me for a few minutes. It is done.

giuliatortore (Lombardia)

  • 10-05-2018

An error message disappeared after using this nice online service. Thanks friends.

Вера Костина

  • 03-05-2018

I processed the image through the graphic editor Adobe Illustrator CC. At one point the program took off abruptly. After that, I could no longer access the ai file until I used this service. Now I've got a completely corrected file that opens without problems.

Rhain Bethell. UK, England, Trafford Centre

  • 30-04-2018

The service is very good and convenient to use. I just attached the damaged illustrator file (Version CC), uploaded it, waited for recovering proccess, paid with PayPal and got the recovered AI file. Very simple. Thanks a lot!

Mário.Vila Nova de Milfontes

  • 19-04-2018

Thank you to this online service! A computer virus has made irreparable changes to the Adobe Illustrator file. Using the online service, I was able to return some of the important data in the document.

teodatanicolella - Repubblica di San Marino

  • 12-04-2018

I used this service. In a few minutes it opened my .ai file. Now it works perfect. Thanks for your help.

Ирина Воронина

  • 10-04-2018

When saving the image in Adobe Illustrator, the program abruptly closed, and after that I lost some changes in the .ai file. This service helped to repair the file and return lost data. Thank you!

biancachambers (MIAMI, FL)

  • 08-04-2018

Due to dude from graphic community I found and after used this online service. It saved my Illustrator file, Adobe couldn't do anything.

Dylan Buck

  • 29-03-2018

If someone had an illustartor error:'NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO OPEN ILLUSTRATION', the service will easily eliminate it.

togodiq Chile

  • 24-03-2018

What I liked, I just uploaded the Illustrator image, and within a few minutes the ai file was restored, as if I had never had any problems with the image.

Eleanor Marshall, Florida

  • 20-03-2018

Now I know what to do if something happened with my Illustrator data. I'm very appreciate it for quality and rapid instrument.

Вероника Теплова

  • 15-03-2018

She worked in the program Adobe Illustrator CC, created logos, the next day found that my file sizing 500Mb is damaged. Tried this service. All the data was repaired, the only thing that did not like the work of the service is a long process of recovery.


  • 15-03-2018

Thanks for the service. I saved the AI file in which I spent a lot of time!

Fabio Mendolia (fabmendo), Milano

  • 11-03-2018

My Illustrator image now opens without problems. I liked the service, and the low price.

Carla Gomez (daryhoh), Chile

  • 11-03-2018

I did not think it was possible to load a damaged file and recover it without losing data. Because of this service now that is possible.


  • 04-03-2018

Working with Illustrator is not the first year after an unsuccessful save. Such a problem was revealed. The file was renamed into an incomprehensible format, stopped starting. With the helps of this service I was able to eliminate this problem, quickly and easily restored the file to its working state

Petronilla Volpe

  • 02-03-2018

Using this online service was even more convenient and quicker in recovering files than the standard set of tips from Adobe. Now I know how it is easy for me to recover files from Illustrator.

Jake Mooney, Australia, Sydney

  • 01-03-2018

Very simple and understandable service. Almost all files of Adobe Illustrator 2017 have been restored. Thanks


  • 01-03-2018

I'm so glad that I found this service, I had a corrupted ai file, created in Adobe Illustrator CC2017, which opened without problems after the restoration process. I do not know how this is possible, but thank you very much.

oscar crosby , DE

  • 07-02-2018

I had a corrupted file Illustrator. I wrote in support of Adobe , but they never replied. I had to look for help on the forums. I was advised to use this service: very effectively and quickly managed to recover. I was very pleased.

livia felice, Roma

  • 03-02-2018

My Illustrator image has recovered for three minutes and I'm happy with this thing as an online service.

Анастасия Мусская

  • 31-01-2018

I got an error when opening the .ai file, which was created in Adobe Illustrator CC2017, this online service simply helped out, as a result the file is now opened as before and correctly and without error.

Dillon Webb, New Zeland, Aukland

  • 26-01-2018

uploaded ai format file for recovery and all data was restored thx

Pedro Woderis Burgos

  • 28-12-2017

Only one of two images were recovered here. But I liked what my favorite file is now valid.

Андрей Котов

  • 24-12-2017

Thank you very much, this service saved me!


  • 24-12-2017

Thanks for this online service! It recovered all the data in .ai file which was created in Adobe Illustrator CC2017 .

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