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This online PDF fixer will help you recover a damaged PDF file of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader. Upload your corrupted *.pdf file here:


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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

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How to repair a damaged *.pdf file of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader online

Being the best Adobe PDF repair tool online, our service will analyze the contents of the file, the internal data structures of the damaged *.pdf file in an online mode using a number of special algorithms. After that, it will allow you to preview the recovered document online.

Our service allows you to recover *.pdf files of all versions of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe PDF Reader and offers one big HOW to Adobe PDF repair online. Apart from this, the service supports compressed and uncompressed file types and recovers both types of .pdf files. Using advanced recovery algorithms, it identifies various objects in a damaged document. If any relations between objects in a damaged file are missing, the program attempts to restore them.

If an object's relations cannot be identified or recovered, the object will be saved on a separate page at the end of the document (usually the case with embedded graphics). No recognized data from the document will be lost and most of them will be recovered.

How to repair damaged PDF file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

If you don't know how to repair PDF file damaged after a system crash, use our service to recover the following:

Content of the damaged PDF file: text, images, links and other embedded document objects

Fonts and other metadata used for document presentation

PDF file parameters: file version information, page size and other parameters

Structure of the PDF file: tables of internal links forming the document

Steps for recovering a corrupted Adobe Acrobat Reader *.pdf file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here: https://onlinefilerepair.com/
  2. Attach corrupted Adobe PDF document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Adobe PDF document

Notes: the service cannot recover password-protected files. The service does not recover blocks of data inside a file protected with a password or any other method.

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings


  • 28-07-2021

I must have tried 6 or 7 different 'online free fixes' without success. I tried this one and it worked. Considering it was a 236 page, 90MB document that hadn't been changed for 10yrs...very happy to get it back. I would use this service again in the future.

Francesca Romana

  • 18-04-2021

It is an excellent service, fast, simple to use and does not require any subscription. I was able to repair a damaged pdf file in minutes and at a reasonable cost. It has been of great help to me.

Josue Berg

  • 05-04-2021

All files with the .pdf extensions gave the same "Root object missing" error. The reason is not known, because Anti-Virus has failed any malware on my computer. Technical support also confirmed that the file was not virus-encoded. Out of 5 broken files, only 2 files were repaired. The service could not return the rest of the files, since the structure of these files was heavily overwritten, as they explained to me in technical support, of course I did not pay for them. Thank you very much for the support and for fixing the files.

Kiara Dickson

  • 18-03-2021

The service saved my work on which my colleagues and I have been working for the last week, seven days a week.


  • 12-03-2021

perfect solving

Matheo Paris

  • 04-02-2021

Wow guys, take it easy! If you knew which file I was able to repair, you would rip me off 2 times more :ROLF: First, the file was recovered from a formatted hard drive, and then the data was extracted from the damaged .pdf file. I will order pizza for you now!!!

Kennedy Wade

  • 25-12-2020

Damn, I have to keep this site bookmarked! I had to parse text and pictures from a PDF document, this was a test task. When I unsubscribed that the file needs to be restored, HR replied that this is included in the TK. I fixed the file through you, did not bother at all, and sent the solved task for verification. The answer hasn't come yet, but I know I got through to work!

Jaxx Myles

  • 11-12-2020

Easy and professionally made PDF file recovery service. Competently, well done!


  • 19-09-2020



  • 13-08-2020

It is easy

Artem Graphics

  • 10-08-2020

If you look at the service through the eyes of a UX designer, then the service is very convenient, you can retrieve the fixed file without help. But if you look through the eyes of the UI, there are too many comments on one page. P.S file was repaired without errors

Kash Jayson

  • 27-07-2020

Often they bring to print pdfs with a large number of pages of different formats that need to be sent to different printers. Tired of writing out page sizes and messing with print ranges. I found a script on the Internet for processing PDF with pages of different sizes in a file, but after updating Adobe Acrobat problems appeared, it periodically began to display a message about a damaged file. I decided to try your online service, it really repaired all the pages with their sizes, but damn the price is tough! I'm afraid not all of my clients can agree with these prices: price for printing + price for repair (if the file is damaged)


  • 25-06-2020

My .PDF file was damaged, even in the auto save temp files folder, I could not restore the stable version of the file. Why this happened - no one knows, the virus is blamed on the support forum, although I have an Anti-Virus programs. I had to pay $5 for a partial restoration of the book (restored: 198 pages out of 214)


  • 22-06-2020

I needed to fix the damaged .PDF file of the online magazine, the content of this file included articles and advertising between articles. The file was restored without links to articles and advertisements, it does not open when clicked on title of article


  • 15-06-2020



  • 15-04-2020

Very pleased with the recovery. I restored the .PDF file without payment, since I only had one page with a form where the text was damaged. The service has restored the correct application form.


  • 09-04-2020

The service was fast and the process was simple. In fact, they were able to recover/repair my PDF when several other activity-specific softwares could not. And all for $5! I'd highly recommend it.


  • 06-04-2020

This service helps to recover corrupted Acrobat file


  • 04-03-2020

Adobe Reader doesn't read a corrupted file and shows stupid error "File does not begin with %PDF." Any way to fix manually damaged .pdf file like as rename file as "pdfFilename.pdf", "PDFfilename.pdf", ".pdfFileName.pdf" - not working for me. After uploaded file I see that I have got wrong file, and my file is fine. Damn, good that I could see the preview.


  • 19-02-2020

This service repairing corrupted PDF files and PDF files with a password, but it takes a long time when you have several files


  • 04-12-2019

Your service recovered most of the corrupted PDF doc but did not recover all of it, however I still paid full price. What is your policy on this?


  • 18-11-2019

Excellent service! I am a very happy customer. You guys were able to repair a large pdf file in no time. I will definitely be using your services again.

Big D

  • 28-08-2019

Great service that got me out of having to redo a document. Initially felt it was a little pricey but in hindsight, was really worth every cent. Thanks.


  • 30-07-2019

Unfortunately only some of the Data was recovered


  • 28-07-2019

Excellent online service with prompt availability of documents.


  • 11-07-2019


Hasan Ardebili Bashiri

  • 03-07-2019

Just received the instruction of repairing damaged pdf file. hope it works well.


  • 03-05-2019

Helped me recover a very important PDF file that got corrupted


  • 19-04-2019

Fast & effective


  • 15-04-2019

Fast and efficient


  • 15-03-2019

Needed a critical document recovered. From googling to a solution to having the file in my hand was less than 5 minutes. Wonderful service! It is an international transaction so watch out for your card vendor tacking on a few extra cents.

MarleyHart NY

  • 26-07-2018

Recently I came across a strange thing. On my Samsung computer, Adobe Acrobat is installed to work on viewing and editing large pdf files. But some time ago, for some strange reason, I was unable to open a document with important data about my work. Instead, I saw many blank sheets. I very soon need to send this content to my boss. I realized that the solution needs to be found quickly. But I did not have extremely good ideas. So I turned to a friend from IT. He showed me a couple of resources. There I got a link to this online service. I did not have much time left. I laid my hopes on the service. And he did not disappoint. After the end of work, this online service has restored all my work. There were no more blank pages. I was saved. So I decided to write a praise here. I will continue to use it. I'll tell my friends about him.

Evelyn Atkinson - CA, Toronto

  • 27-06-2018

I had a bad time. A friend returned my flash drive. But on it for some reason, the files were corrupted. I started looking for a solution. I tried to eliminate everything by several methods. But I was not satisfied completely. Or the free program only partially restored my PDF. Instead of the text with the images, some kind of hieroglyphs and broken pictures were opened. He was able to fix the error in the PDF file. "The root object is missing or invalid." I was able to open it with my Adobe Acrobat X. This time everything was fine. The file was completely restored. Without any hieroglyphics and broken images. I was satisfied. Disadvantages in this service, I have not yet found. But if I find them. I will change my feedback and assessment. The developers would like to continue their work. Over such very useful things for everyone.


  • 25-05-2018

For a long time I could not open the pdf file. There was a mistake, but online-Serves helped me quickly. The file is restored to 100%.

lailahmueller, TX

  • 22-05-2018

After some minutes of applying service, my created .pdf document on iPad Air 2 via Adobe Acrobat app works well.


  • 19-05-2018

I want to thank all those who develop and are involved in this online service. I was able to restore a very old PDF document. With this failed other programs except for the online service. The other programs did not handle this task, except for the online service.


  • 16-05-2018

I appealed to Adobe Company to repair Pdf document, but during this short time they haven't yet answered me. But during 5 minutes this service helped me. That's the difference!

alaysbell Nuova York

  • 12-05-2018

But today I can open it thanks to online service, because at the opening did not appear a message in Adobe Acrobat

Вероника Сонина

  • 05-05-2018

I work through Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. When opening some pdf files, the same error occurred. After using this service, the error went away, and I again got access to the files.


  • 29-04-2018

I never backed up my documents. Normal turning off the light resulted in damage to the PDF document. Service completely restored the document. Thank you!

Ирина Весельчак

  • 28-04-2018

I created a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat when I wanted to add new information to it, saw that all my data added earlier disappeared. This service coped 100% and returned all the lost data. Thank you!


  • 18-04-2018

With the help of the recovery service, I was able to quickly open a PDF file that can not open any other utility. Took note of the use. Thank you!

ernestalessa, San Marino

  • 11-04-2018

The service helped me without problems. Now pdf document is open easy and I can continue my work.

jasminewhite - Mount Hope, KS

  • 10-04-2018

I hope next time my laptop wouldn't turn off during work with pdf document. Thanks, for this service to developers, they fixed my file.

Mia Ellis - Fort Lauderdale

  • 06-04-2018

I thought the problem was in my laptop. But when I applied this service my pdf started opening again.

R.Y.Vieira, Belo Horizonte

  • 28-03-2018

With the help of this online service, I have restored my PDF files created in Adobe Acrobat. Many thanks to the developers.

brunalanese San Marino

  • 26-03-2018

Only two minutes and my pdf document has been recovered. What a fast! I liked to use it.

Fox B

  • 26-03-2018

The corrupted PDF reader document was repaired. But images was duplicated at the end of file.

illelv80700849 - Quito

  • 25-03-2018

Now I know what to do when there is a problem with the PDF document. Almost free, and the PDF file has been restored. In Ecuador, we do not have such services.

ScarlettMarshall Australia Queensland

  • 21-03-2018

The service helped me a lot with the restoration of one of the rare series comics. The network managed to find only the broken pdf file. But this service coped without criticism. Thanks to the developers.

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