How to repair PSD file online on your own

This powerful Adobe Photoshop PSD recovery service will help you recover data from a damaged Adobe Photoshop *.psd file in seconds. Just upload your damaged *.psd file here:


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* Real stories about people's files getting damaged

Reсovery Steps

Upload file

Uploading a damaged file to a service


File recovery on a cloud service

Preview and payment

Preview of repaired file and payment


Download of repaired file are possible after payment

Our Adobe Photoshop recovery software will scan the *.psd file data and use a combination of advanced algorithms to check their current status and make sure they are recoverable. If any data are detected in the file, they will be available for review.

Our online service efficiently recovers damaged *.psd files of all versions of Adobe Photoshop. Its special Adobe Photoshop PSD repair algorithms are capable of identifying different types of objects in a damaged document. If some relations between objects cannot be recreated, the objects will be saved separately anyway. No data will be lost from the document.

How to recover a damaged PSD file of Adobe Photoshop online? Simply upload the damaged image file to our Adobe PSD repair tool and get your data back in seconds as a new *.psd file.

How to repair damaged PSD file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Adobe Photoshop *.psd file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here:
  2. Attach corrupted Adobe PSD document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Adobe PSD document

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings

Azul Best

  • 29-03-2021

The competent support worked, helped to quickly solve the problem with the already repaired file. Photoshop complained about the file format.

Secret time

  • 26-02-2021

Fixed old Photoshop .PSD file with EOF error. The file is already more than 2 years old and it was clear from the beginning that it would not work to repair everything in excellent form. But I got a layout quite similar to the original version with many layers.

Cribble SA

  • 15-02-2021

Adobe should have done PS CS7 instead of Photoshop CC, since after removing Creative Suite from CC, files are constantly breaking when saved. In my practice, 3-4 files are already damaged, but only today I decided to try to repair the .psd-file. Satisfied with the service.


  • 19-01-2021

After repairing an unreadable .psd file, I got an incomprehensible picture. My drawing was recognizable, but the layer seemed to have a "noise" filter applied. I didn't dare to pay for such a file, it's good that before paying you can see what to pay for. I put it 5 stars, since they did not require money for repair.


  • 18-12-2020

Great service. Easily converts the damaged file to the correct one, exactly what I wanted!

Novah Wyatt

  • 04-12-2020

My file opened, but Photoshop was showing a blank error page. Because of this, I got scared when at the 7th step I did not see the preview of the fixed file, but fortunately, the file was repaired completely. P.S The site says that you need to go through 9 steps to repair, and in fact there are 4 of them: upload the file, enter email, pay and download the recovered file.


  • 03-08-2020

well it's good


  • 03-07-2020

Attempting to repair an over written .PSD file damaged the file. I did not backup because I did not expect this. After fixing the file errors, it is working. In the file, layers that were not overlaid remained unchanged, the rest contained parameters different from the original version. PSD was restored no size changed.

  • 25-06-2020

Good job!


  • 22-06-2020

Photoshop crashed when I was working on a project. Now I have a damaged .PSD file that cannot be opened. I don’t know what I would do without you, two days left before the deadline. Not everything was restored, but enough to continue to work


  • 05-06-2020

After recovering the damaged .PSD file, it was restored to the last save state, but in some layers vector lines are not displayed correctly.


  • 05-05-2020

A computer crash damaged the .PSD file. File size - about 56 MB. Thanks to this service, it was possible to restore the image. There were 2 layers, it became one, when the layers were restored, they merged.


  • 01-03-2020

Were you able to retrieve damaged file, which I uploaded yesterday or you are fixing my corrupted .PSD file still? I did not receive a letter, what I have to do?

Danial Asghar Mirza

  • 02-07-2019

WOW... brilliant


  • 01-07-2019

wow! saved my file!

Ana Patricia Vargas

  • 13-06-2019

I was able to recover a damaged file thanks to this page for free.


  • 04-06-2019

Great site, recovered my file.

BrynnCompton British Columbia

  • 10-07-2018

Here is my preface. I work as a web designer, and I often have to interact with different graphic tasks. Sometimes there is no direct connection with customers, and I have to guess about the nuances in the process of work. I use the flexible principle, when during work a large number of graphics programs are used to get the perfect result. But sometimes it is difficult to combine several layers of Photoshop with filters and effects. Typically, this is due to the psd-format, which sometimes spoils all the work during the conversion. My colleague threw me on my smartphone my art project. According to him, the file is corrupted partially. And under terrible circumstances he can not finish his work on him. I myself was busy. And right on my gadget I was able to restore the psd file for a friend. Of course it cost me money. But it's very convenient. Now my colleague's project has already been approved by the customer. And I learned what an online repair service is. Thank you.

victoriapuckett Australia NSW

  • 30-06-2018

I decided to write here. Because recently I had a nuisance. I created the .psd file through my Windows only three days ago. All 3 days I added new data to my Photoshop file, but today I could not do it. When I opened .psd in an Adobe Photoshop application, I saw ... An invalid Photoshop document. I have not seen such messages before, my experience with Photoshop has been several years, but it's a fact. I started looking for and a tool to restore psd for Windows or any other method. I thought I was right with my problem quickly. Tax programs for recovering deleted files. To recover from damage by viruses. Downloaded free or trial versions of these utilities. But they did not cope with the error that happened in my file. I found this online service with the help of a search engine. Although he costs money, but he worked on my device and I decided to buy. My file life is scanned and fixed. I opened it without problems. This time there were all the additions and corrections that I made. I was satisfied. I would like this service to be free. But free as I now understand there are either fake. Or as there was one of the cases the file was restored with the broken images. And this online service coped 100%. The task is completed.

Ковальчук Алла

  • 26-05-2018

I'm working with adobe Photoshop CC 2017. When I open one of the psd files, I get an error with the text that the file is corrupted. Thanks to this service it was possible to solve the problem in a matter of minutes. Thank you.

brookehuntt Montreal

  • 18-05-2018

Photoshop didn't offer me recovery PSD. I didn't know how to get my changes back. This online service forced me forgot about the problem. PSD works great.


  • 10-05-2018

Because of the peculiarities of my work, I often had to deal with problems associated with the successful preservation of works in Photoshop. And now I found a good solution for myself. The online service is doing well in a few minutes. This has multiply my work.

Алена Смирнова

  • 03-05-2018

The service helped to repair the file with the animation, after it opened, the program Adobe Photoshop CC issued an error. Thank you very much!


  • 16-04-2018

I am a designer and often I encounter that it is necessary to quickly restore a volumetric corrupted file due to the imposition of different textures, sometimes they affect the readability of the file. And now I have found such a resource that allows me to quickly restore important work. Now I use it in my work, thank you, it was not enough for me.


  • 09-04-2018

The recently installed Windows 7 in the old Windows folder was Photoshop but when it opened the file for error message the specified module c / program files (x86)/ common files/ adobe/ adobe version cue cs4 / client 4.0.0/ versionCue was not found.DLL file. With the help of this online-service I was able to repair the PSD file without reinstalling Photoshop

brynkoch - Florida

  • 06-04-2018

It is great that something helped me. I appealed to Adobe Company to specialised forums, but this service made all the job quickly and easily, I only was watching for process of recovery my .psd file.

Сладкова Ирина

  • 27-03-2018

She worked in Adobe Photoshop CC for two weeks, after which the program began to deny access to the PSD file. And this service solved this problem and restored the file with which I can now continue to work. Thank you.

Beatrice Talley (NYC)

  • 18-03-2018

It made my day. Couple of minutes and I got working photoshop file. I surprised that I could upload the file from tablet.

KayleighJoseph UK

  • 08-03-2018

When you are a creative person. And you are doing art. You do not want to bother with something else like recovery. But everything is simple - went through the link - downloaded the .psd file of Photoshop on the website - activated - restored.

Анна Круз

  • 04-03-2018

Very quickly recovered lost files in Photoshop CS6. Thank you very much for your service, everything turned out to be much easier than imagined.

machhhhinist , IA

  • 04-03-2018

PSD file that takes a long time damaged due to system failure , taking advantage of this service managed to fix the problem , the only service turned out to be paid , but the price met expectations )

Bartolomea Nini/USA/AR

  • 02-03-2018

My job is work, rather my project on which I worked in Photoshop was damaged by viruses on my office computer. But this online service saved me from this problem and restored the file without problems

Роман Долгин

  • 07-02-2018

It was possible to restore the damaged layers in a graphic file. The work was created in Adobe Photoshop CC. I think it will work for other versions.

AngelaC , NV

  • 07-02-2018

an error occurred while was opening the graphics in Photoshop CS6, tried many free services on the restoration , but the result left much to be desired . when I bought online Photoshop file repair service, noticed a significant difference, quickly and efficiently returned the file to working order

angeline lefeuvre

  • 03-02-2018

You yourself understand how hard it is to lose photoshop file especially if they are very expensive and intimate, and this service helped me a lot, it ended without problems

max gonzalez

  • 08-12-2017

thank you very much for the help , my job is safe


  • 06-12-2017

Everything went well. Honestly did not believe in this kind of program. I advise.


  • 05-12-2017

A good alternative to the program, everything ended well, as soon as I understood what need to do.


  • 30-11-2017

I tried office recovery before this site and it cannot recover anything. This service was able to fix my Photoshop CC 2017 file. Thank you! You have saved 5 days of my work.

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