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The online service recovers Microsoft Project files of all versions starting from Microsoft Project 98

Project 2019

Project 2019

Project 2016

Project 2016

Project 2013

Project 2013

Project 2010

Project 2010

Project 2007

Project 2007

Project 98-2003

Project 98-2003

This online service will analyze the project’s *.mpp file in seconds and will show a preview of recoverable items. Featuring a convenient interface and offering a 1-2-3 approach to MS Project recovery online, this service is the best choice for any user seeking a method of quick and problem-free online MPP repair.

If you are not sure how to recover Microsoft Project file data on your own, go with our service and you won’t regret it. The online service will analyze the internal data structure of the damaged MPP project file using a set of advanced proprietary algorithms. These algorithms detect and check recoverable data inside the file. The software uses several recovery methods at the same time, which allows it to repair your MS Project project files as completely as possible. No unrecognized data or objects will be lost. The program will do as much as possible to repair the maximum of your data, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to recover MS project file data.

Since the .mpp format was changed several times over the years, this Microsoft MPP recovery tool uses a combination of algorithms for all versions at the same time to ensure maximum accuracy and completeness of recovery.

How to recover a corrupted MPP file of Microsoft Project 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 online? Just upload the unreadable file to our service and get your data back in a few moments.

Is it possible to recover an MPP file of a previous version of Microsoft Project 98-2003? Yes, these files can also be repaired by our online Microsoft Project recovery tool in just a few clicks.


  • The service does not support MPP data recovery from password-protected files.

How to repair damaged MPP file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Microsoft Project *.mpp file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here:
  2. Attach corrupted Microsoft Project MPP document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press Upload file for recovery button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Microsoft Project MPP document

The Online File Repair Service supports the recovery of the following file types:

outlook express

Customer's reviews and ratings

Kaylie Oneill

  • 07-04-2021

I will put 4 stars, because the service seemed to repair, but also loses (or could not repair) part of the data. Source file: 2.7 MB Recovered: 1.2 MB

Barbara Potter

  • 19-03-2021

MS Project opens and saves the damaged file, but cannot show the data. I thought it was some kind of bug, and tested the file on another computer where it got it at all, refused to open it. After the correction, the file worked, but a couple of cells were empty, it looks like it was due to multiple resave.

Conrad Beau

  • 08-02-2021

The service solved the problem with the damaged MS Project 2010 file. However, the reports in Project have changed a bit.

Kenya students

  • 02-02-2021

I am studying on the online course "Microsoft Project Workshop". And today our whole class tried to open my broken file. Some of the students found this site and sent it to me, and my teacher paid for the repair, since I did not have the opportunity at the moment. It is impossible to convey the emotions that we experienced today, my file was successfully restored!

Miley John

  • 30-12-2020

When trying to open a .mpp file, MS Project says it cannot open the file. The problem arose when transferring from a USB flash drive. Managed to repair tasks (but 4 tasks are on the schedule without a name)


  • 15-12-2020

At the analysis stage, my site froze, and a message about file repair has already been sent to the mail. Thanks .mpp file has been fixed, Microsoft Project 2010.

Jaxtyn Axton

  • 10-08-2020

Damn, you virgin me! I received a fully working file that was recovered with damage from the hard drive of the killed PC. The file opens, thanks!


  • 27-07-2020

I can’t say that everything was repaired correctly, since there are timelines of the task somewhere, somewhere they are not. The contents of the project and tables in the project have been restored.


  • 15-07-2020

Failed to complete the MS Project save process. File has become invalid. After the repair, some tasks do not have a "start" and end "time", they were reset. I had to manually set the duration of these tasks


  • 26-06-2020

MS Project .mpp file has been restored. In the table under the Resource Names column, I can’t find the names of some employees, it turns out that not the entire table was restored in the Resource Sheet, some records were unsaved in the restored version of the file


  • 13-05-2020

My .MPP document stopped opening after I saved the MS Project file 2010 as 2007. This service helped me recover my work plans from a damaged file, it was also able to recover some of the data when saving the file in MS Project 2007.


  • 28-02-2020

The .mpp file is damaged after it is saved in Microsoft Project 2010 (Windows 7). The error "An Unexpected problem occurred while opening the file. The file may be damaged. Try using a backup copy." I read it on the forum, they say that backup had to be done, but I never did it. As a result, I had to spend $5 to restore the file.


  • 27-02-2020

After Windows crash, i tried to get back a deleted .mpp file from hard drive. This service is help me to retrieve lost data from Microsoft Project. Good work!


  • 30-01-2019

Service can repair all data from my file except "Task names"


  • 14-07-2018

That's what helped me. I really like working with MS Project, and before that I did not have such a problem, and I already spent a lot of time. Recently I noticed that the project started to work slower than usual, and at some point reported an error in the Microsoft Project application. I'm using Microsoft Office 2013. The application will be closed. I checked my computer for viruses (they were), also updated the software, and all this partially solved the problem, now the software works fine. But now I found that the last MPP that I worked with recently changed, now they only have incomprehensible symbols. Fortunately, I have friends. They told me about online services. I found this on Google online. Has paid for restoration of the project. It was restored in full. I did not expect this service to be paid. But this is a great offer of help. Thank you.

JosephinaWard, Quebec, Montreal

  • 27-06-2018

I decided to write here. My office was in trouble. The power was turned off accidentally. My stationary computer went out. Some files have been corrupted. Important for my work the .mpp file was broken. My table with the plan refused to open. Standard recovery tools did not help. I was looking in google for a solution to my problem. Could find some services. But the file for me was not so expensive to pay such a sum. Online service was not as expensive as the previous ones. I uploaded my file. There was a scan. Wrote that the bug is fixed. I tried to open Microsoft Project 2016. All the weeks of my work were successfully returned. I stayed finished. Now I try to advise this online service to friends. So far, I've found one flaw. I had a .mpp file with a password. I realized that this online service does not work. If you have a file with a password, this resource does not help. I would like the functions to be extended.


  • 05-06-2018

I have a pretty big project plan that I've been working on for a year for a few months. About a week ago, everything was fine. Now, when I tried to open it .mpp from the file Manager or "recently opened files", the project (program) opens, but does not open on its own .mpp. When I try to just open the program, then manually go to the folder where my .mpp is found and open it already so the project actually stops responding. I tried a lot of different programs and services , but all was unsuccessful. But I was find this online service , warned that it is not free of charge, but I had no options ... I want to say one thing, it worked, the document was successfully restored !!!

Солин Владислав

  • 30-05-2018

I use Microsoft Project 2013 at work. Recently, when I opened one of the project files, I received a 23000 error. This service really helped me out. After downloading the file here, back I received a completely corrected file. It's not free. Thank you!


  • 24-05-2018

I used the repair service when I tried many methods to open my file. Everything turned out very quickly! Quickly figure out himself. The result is excellent - I save important data.

Cristiano Matos de Salles

  • 23-05-2018

Everything is excellent, professional and high quality. After using the online service, it was possible to restore all the information in the MS Project 2010 file. Thank you.

melissareynolds - TX, Dallas

  • 20-05-2018

Several days ago I stumbled upon this site. It surprised me, after using several tools like Stellar, DataNumen. This service resolved an issue with project only for couple of dollars.

Leo-Buenos Aires

  • 16-05-2018

The service is good I was able to recover some of the lost data in the Excel 2010 file. Unfortunately, several tables in the file could not be recovered. Therefore, I put 4 stars.

aureliacanni (LO, Milano)

  • 07-05-2018

I tried to use a backup, but only online service helped me.

Donato Varejão. Coimbra

  • 27-04-2018

I want to say thank you for this service. I thought I lost all the data in the Project file. This is a very important file for me. I created the file three years ago in Microsoft Project 2007. But for reasons that are not obvious to me, the file is corrupt. Service restored all data in the file. Thank you!

Анастасия Миронова

  • 24-04-2018

After the project was created in Project 2010, the file generated a fault error. This service easily coped with my problem, and now I again continued to work with this file.

Andreo Domínguez

  • 23-04-2018

I received the error message "Unable to find the file" each time I wanted to open the Microsoft Project 2007 file. From the second time, the online service retrieved the file. Thank you very much!

claudialeonelli di San Marino

  • 14-04-2018

My MPP archive now works. Because I tried this service. Only euro money for the instrument such an actual is fine!

evelinatropea (Italia)

  • 27-03-2018

I was able to help my colleague with the project. Now there is no problem with the archive opening. Thanks for this good tool.

Анджелика Цветова

  • 21-03-2018

It's easy and simple to restore the MPP file from the phone, created once in Microsoft Project 2010. Thank you.

Raul Sarmiento (Córdoba)

  • 20-03-2018

I created the mpp file in Microsoft Project 2016. When I copied the file to the USB flash drive, the file gets damaged. I did not even know that the online service works so fast) thanks!

shannwilsonn FL, Fort Lauderdale

  • 14-03-2018

Thanks to patches and updates from Microsoft who advised this online-service. I thought it was created by Microsoft Company. But now I see my solid MS Project, and it's great!


  • 07-03-2018

before the important prezintatsiey on the startup, I was on the verge. but fortunately, there are online-services that can save me. Just a couple of minutes and my project was recreated in the pristine is visible.

Pedrinho Rego

  • 07-03-2018

Previously, I did not trust paid Internet programs. But I needed to urgently restore the project, which was damaged as a result of the unsuccessful shutdown of Microsoft Project. In the end, I found this service online. I paid for the recovery and quickly received the restored file. Thank you very much.


  • 02-03-2018

This online service helped me when the support service at my office showed no competence, this tool really helped out

Haroldo Roque MX

  • 01-03-2018

The recovery of the damaged Project 2016 file was done very qualitatively. Thanks to the developers.

D.Borges - Rio de Janeiro

  • 01-03-2018

Very helpful service. The only negative, this is a long file recovery. MS Project 2013 showed me the error: 'The file can not be found'. Now the file is easily opened. Thank you!

Смирнова Валерия

  • 01-03-2018

This service helped me to open one of my project files, 50MB in size very quickly and easily. Thank you.

patterson charles ( syllables ) , OR

  • 05-02-2018

Using it I managed to recover the file with charts that accidentally erased my 7-year-old son . great online service , only the price is a little expensive

Leha Plotov

  • 04-02-2018

Very convenient and simple. I managed to restore my graphs in Microsoft Project 2016.

Denise Landry

  • 03-02-2018

Sometimes there are situations in which you need to quickly and safely save something like that file, especially when it's 2-3 week work, this online service helped me out.

Cássio Cerqueira Machado, São Paulo

  • 31-01-2018

Very convenient service for data recovery. The price is quite acceptable. The service restored the Microsoft Project 2013 file, which was corrupted by the virus.

Adrian Tejedor,Bolivia,Santa Cruz

  • 27-01-2018

I want to express my gratitude. I am very satisfied with the quality of this online service.

Uliva Plano

  • 28-12-2017

Only two problem projects are being opened. And other files do not work. Thanks for this tool!


  • 24-12-2017

Thanks for the service! Retrieved my .mpp file that was created in Project 2013.

Leha Plotov

  • 23-12-2017

I paid through PayPal. The project was restored. I hope the service will continue to develop.


  • 21-12-2017

The mpp file is saved, the project no longer hurts, the project is live.


  • 19-12-2017

After upgrading to Microsoft Project 2016, the .mpp extension file was damaged. Microsoft Project repair online recovered my file very quickly. Thank you!


  • 12-12-2017

My project has been recovered in few clicks. I really like that way, and the price is not high!


  • 08-12-2017

My file was not read. Now the document is readable after restoration by this service.


  • 08-12-2017

I bought this software to repair a damaged MPP file. The software recovered all the data and now I can access the file without any problem.

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