Microsoft Access databases recovery

Upload a damaged *.mdb or *.accdb file here:

Our service will analyze the contents of the *.mdb or *. accdb file in seconds and will extract recoverable data. The system guarantees the speedy recovery of access database file data of any size and with any degree of corruption.

This online service analyzes the structure of data in a corrupted Microsoft Access file using a number of special algorithms. These algorithms help identify and validate data that can be repaired.  No data that were found and identified as recoverable will be lost from the database.

The service knows how to repair Access database files of Microsoft Access 2003 and above.

Our MS Access repair service can recover the following types of data from Access databases:

  • Structure of tables, including indexes and fields
  • Database tables
  • Requests, except for those used in forms and reports
  • Relations used for displaying linked tables

This online Microsoft Access MDB repair service does not recover the following objects:

  • Forms
  • Macros
  • Modules
  • Reports
  • Password-protected data

Need to recover a damaged Microsoft Access MDB file online? Don’t know how to repair MDB file corrupt data? Just upload the file and get the recovery results rights away.