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Our service will analyze the contents of an .xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx or *.xlam file in seconds and will identify recoverable data.

Microsoft Excel repair online

The Microsoft Excel repair online service analyzes the internal data structure of a damaged file online leveraging the power of several MS Excel XLSX repair algorithms. It identifies and checks recoverable data. If some relations between objects in a damaged file are missing, the services does everything possible to restore them. If object relations cannot be identified or restored, the object will be saved on a separate sheet at the end of the document. No document data will be lost and the program will restore the maximum of your data.

Excel 2016

Excel 2013

Excel 2010

Excel 2007

Excel 2003

Excel 97

The corrupt Excel file repair online service recovers Excel files of all versions: from Microsoft Excel 98 through Microsoft Excel 2016.

Features of Excel recovery online service

Our corrupted Excel recovery online service will help you extract the following data from a damaged Excel file:

  • Cell data
  • Table styles
  • Cell formatting
  • Fonts
  • Sheets, pages
  • Cell width and height
  • Formulas in cells, including functions and external/internal references
  • Cell formatting, including border color

This damaged XLS repair online service does not recover the following settings and objects:

  • Print settings
  • Conditional formatting
  • Data validation
  • Data protection in a workbook, worksheet, list of region
  • Asian phonetic blocks
  • Hyperlinks
  • Calculation settings
  • Sorting settings
  • Embedded objects, graphics, diagrams, notes and such
  • Merged cells
  • Comments
  • VBA macros
  • Password-protected files

Online repair Excel file service

How to repair Excel file online: Just upload your XLSX file to test the corrupted Excel file recovery online service and get the result in a few seconds. The Online repair Excel file service is perfectly adapted for fast and reliable corrupt Excel file repair online.

Is it possible to restore an XLS file of a previous version of MS Excel 98-2003? Yes, these files can also be recovered with our online Excel file repair service. This Microsoft Excel repair files tool has no limitations as to the size of the damaged file or its version.

  • The service does not recover password-protected files.
  • The service does not recover blocks of data inside a file protected with a password any other tool.

How to repair damaged XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM file online? Just upload it to our service and get the result in a few seconds.

Steps for recovering a corrupted Microsoft Excel *.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx, *.xlam file:

  1. Open the first page of the online repair Wizard here: https://onlinefilerepair.com/repair
  2. Attach corrupted Microsoft Excel XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM document
  3. Type or paste email address for notifications
  4. Type characters from captcha image
  5. Press "Upload file for recovery" button
  6. Wait for file recovery
  7. Preview pages of repaired document
  8. Pay for document repair via PayPal, credit card or other payment method
  9. Download repaired Microsoft Excel XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLSM, XLTM, XLTX, XLAM document






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Service ratings


File is corrupted

charles83628 , LA

I have an Excel file that contains about 50 pages with formulas and links. Contains tables with formatting. One day when you run the file did not open. It writes that the office performed an error and will be closed after restarting offers to repair the file. After that, it is restored: I see all the formula data pages, but there are no tables and formatting completely. thanks to the developers of this service, I was able to restore the file quickly and efficiently

zenobiasciullo "Milano"

My problem has been solved. Thank you for this online service. Now EXCEL document if it opens well and without errors.

Cornélio Gonçalves,Amadora

After I copied the data from the USB drive to the laptop, the Excel 2010 file was corrupted. The online service extracted all the tables from the corrupted file.

Dustin Orta Benavides, Santiago

I found an instrument that works with excel file damaged quickly and efficiently, I just liked this service and it's already!

UK, London Iain MacCuilcein

Very convenient service for recovering corrupted Excel files. I had one .xlsx document with 'The file is not in a recognizable format' error. The service recovered all data in the file with with a good speed.

Анастасия Воронова

I worked several hours in MS Excel 2013. One of my sheets disappeared after the computer restarted. This service returned lost data somewhere in 5-10 minutes. Thank you very much.

armaduna, Brooklyn, NY

All what I wanted to get my excel data back. This instrument allowed me to do it. Now, my boss can't allow himself to accuse me in missing important data of our company!

Julia Murray UK

My sheet EXCEL, was for me as it seemed already lost. The online-service coped where the standard method was unsuccessful. Excellent alternative to the available software tools.

Adalberto Altamura, Lombardia

All data has been recovered. Now I work with my excel document in a normal regime. Simply service helped me.

charles peters ( creativesoldier77 ) , NC

My hard drive failed, Windows flew in, the file managed to pull out, but when you open the file writes an error - "file Format" file name. xls " does not match the file resolution. tried a lot of different recovery programs, samm the best way out was this service, quickly and efficiently )

Siaghal Mac Cana/Dublin

I'm not a very advanced computer user, so I did not even know that there are such Repair Services. This Online Service recovered the all data in one very important Excel 2003 document.

Элина Колосова

The usual ways to recover Excel did not help me and then I decided not to give up and try this service, because I would not have anything to lose. As a result, my file 100Mb created in Excel 2016 was completely restored, I did not regret that I tried this method of recovery, the only negative - the recovery process took quite a bit of time.

Martin Espinar. Andorra

Very high quality data recovery lost in Excel 2003 files. I did not even expect this result. thank you


I recently encountered a problem in Excel 2013 with my accounting statistics there were problems, the sheet cleared, but with the help of this good online service I managed to restore everything without problems, now I know how to cope with such difficulties.


very good software

James Ramos (lubevur), Barcelona

I do not know how to say it, but I used many programs to return my Excel file data. Only one instrument helped me for a few minutes. But some functions were not recovered.

bailey robert ( atlasssss3 ) , CT

I think those who will read this review will understand what I mean. Namely, I would like to say that those who are experienced know about the complexity of restoring files tabular format. These Excel files will always break, so much so that to restore them later is almost impossible. But from my experience, I want to say that is qualitatively different from other similar programs.

Thiago Leguizamo,Portugal,Tomar

Almost all of the tables in the Excel 2016 worksheet have been restored. Thanks for the service.


In general, the service is 4 stars from 5, I think.


Pleasant design of service. And the recovery functionality at the level))


After some changes in Excel 2016 document i could not open it again. The warning message appeared: 'errors were detected in the file name'. This online service helped me to fix my problem. The file was recovered. I hope I dont go through this experience again, but if I do...I'm using this service again.


The service helped me retrieve the Excel 2016 file. Quite easy to use.


My document was damaged a lot, but this service for three minutes did everything and now I continue to work with files


I do not know how other my friends, but for me, this service is very successful, but a little expensive, I would like the price one euro :)


The document began to open, and almost everything was restored.

gilbert nakayama

corrupted table , I think that file is lost , but contacting this service , the file was restored to working condition , thank you very much


I was not too lazy and tried to repair my file. Everything worked OK. I advise.


The software recovered all the data and now I can access all without any trouble!! I am happy!


50Mb Excel 2016 file was recovered after 3 hours. Why so long?


Excel cannot open my file with grossbuh accounting data. Excel cannot repair it. Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair cannot repair it. This service can repair my worksheet.